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Yoga: Wonderful Extras
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The weather is not good enough to keep you from surfing, nothing better to calm your frustration than a good yoga session on the surfcamp's terrace overlooking the ocean. Nothing could be more soothing for your mind!

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Soothe your mind !

Free Surf Morocco offers you yoga sessions: this Indian tradition, known to all and practiced by thousands of people around the world for thousands of years, is a technique that proposes to free the mind and body from the constraints of everyday life through the practice of exercises focused on breathing and meditation. You will enjoy its benefits to recover after a nice day of surfing and avoid aches and other traumas related to the practice of surfing.

You will gain by working on your balance, better support and flexibility, which will improve your level, or simply regain balance and serenity. Lessons are given on the terrace of the surf camp, allowing you to enjoy the ocean view, with music in "Buddha" mode or on the warm sand of the beach.